William Lawson's

Next Highlander

the challenge

The process of participating is briefly summarized below:

  1. You must perform any of the below tasks.
  2. You must upload a 30-60 second video of the same on your Instagram with #TheNextHighlander #WilliamLawsonsMusicCds
  3. Lastly, you can register yourself by providing the required information & submitting your participation video.

Last date to submit entries for the challenge - 30th December 2021

Task List:

1. Crush an apple with your bare hands or your biceps.

Apple must be torn/crushed into at least two pieces with the bare hands or biceps.

Before you tear/crush it, show the intact apple to the camera. After you tear/crush it, bite off a piece so we can ensure that it is a real apple.


2. Do a tough at home workout with weights/equipment you made yourself.

Examples of equipment you can make include weights made with bricks or kettlebells made with milk jugs.

Before you begin the video, tell the camera what exact work out you will be doing, so our highlanders can decide whether it’s Highlander Worthy.

Make sure you are recording this in an open space and do not injure yourself or any bystanders.


3. Perform 100 skips without stopping, while talking about why you should be India’s First WL Highlander.

The skips have to be 100 in one go, no breaks.

You can use any rope you find for this challenge, the more rustic - the better.

For your final entry, in case the video is longer than 1 minute, please upload your entry on Instagram TV.


4. Perform your most “Highlander” like war cry in public.

Before performing this task, please ensure that you are not present in any kind of silence zone i.e. Near a School or Hospital.

Ensure that while you’re in public, the cry is done in a way where bystanders are only surprised, not annoyed or harassed.


5. Go in public wearing a kilt & hold your head up high. A highlander is never afraid of what the people say- Male Only

Wearing a kilt is a matter of pride for any highlander, but for this challenge a skirt you may have around the house will also do.

Before performing this task, please ensure that you are dressed appropriately with the skirt so as not to offend any passersby.

The video entry must have you walking around for 60 seconds in public with your skirt of choice on.


6. Construct a piece of furniture from scratch with tools you find around the house.

Tools include any rope, tape, cloth etc.

The piece of furniture has to look like furniture as well & you have to demonstrate its strength by using it for its intended purpose i.e. if you make a chair out of cardboard and tape, it must be able to take your weight.

Any premade ready-to-assemble furniture will be disqualified.


7. Tell us your #NoRules story about the time you had to break needless rules to achieve your goal.

Story has to be #NoRules but ensure that you are not breaking any state, local or federal laws during your narrative.

While crafting your #NoRules challenge, make sure you’re abiding by all the Terms & conditions mentioned on www.thenexthighlander.com

Any story that is malicious in nature and leads to injury will be disqualified.

We are looking for funny & witty real life stories which revolve around breaking Nonsense Rules, so make sure your entry falls in that category.


8. Create your own #NoRules Challenge! Since Highlander believes in No Rules, show us a talent that you think defies nonsensical societal norms and expectations!

While crafting your #NoRules challenge, make sure you’re abiding by all the Terms & conditions mentioned on www.thenexthighlander.com

These challenges can be along two lines i.e. Physical or Witty or both. But while creating your own challenge, ensure that it abides by the highlander mentality of breaking all Nonsense Rules and doing things in the unique Highlander way.