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Last date to submit entries for the challenge - 30th December 2021

Listen Up!We're looking for

William Lawson's

Next Highlander

We are on a hunt to find the boldest, most rugged, unconventional challenger to be The next highlander, and join us on an all expenses paid trip to our Brand Home in Scotland.

This is not a task for the faint hearted, being a highlander takes guts and determination. You will be challenged and your grit will be tested. It’s time to sort the brave from the timid.

If you have what it takes, Signup, participate and stand a chance to be the next highlander.

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel ready to...CRUSH AN APPLE WITH YOUR BARE HANDS OR YOUR BICEPS

Are your sick of people being too sensitive and always tip toeing around a problem? RATHER PERFORM YOUR MOST "HIGHLANDER" LIKE WAR CRY IN PUBLIC

Do you want to feel the scottish highland winds blowing through your kilt?


If you have what it takes then show us your highlander strength or mindset to advance to the next stage and stand a chance to be the next highlander